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    Abortion in istanbul, Turkey... FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the choices for a woman if she’s pregnant ?

When a woman is pregnant, she has 3 options.
First, she has the choice to continue her pregnancy and care for the child.
Second, she has the choice to continue her pregnancy and arrange for an adoption.
Third, she has the choice to terminate her pregnancy.

When are abortions performed?

Abortions are performed when a pregnant woman asks a doctor to terminate her pregnancy and a doctor agrees to it. In general, an abortion is requested when a woman is not able to accept the unwanted pregnancy and the prospect of having a child.

There are usually several reasons why women decide to have an abortion. Some of these are:

not being ready to raise a child, lack of partner's support, absence of a partner, being in an abusive relationship, need to complete education or keep a job, having to raise other children, financial situation and the lack of social support, health problems, pregnancies caused by incest or rape, fetal abnormalities

What happens when I come to the clinic for my appointment?

The following is the sequence of events once you come for your appointment: A female staff member will meet you at the front porch of the clinic.  Patients will be instructed to fill out medical forms. (i.e. medical history, allergies, etc.) A counselor will meet each patient in a separate room to explain the procedure and to address their concerns and answer their questions. The doctor will then see each patient after counseling to perform an ultrasound. A nurse will prep the patient for the procedure. Expect to be in the clinic for approximately 1-2 hours. Following the procedure, patients can contact the clinic for follow-up care or can see their own physician.

Where are abortions performed in İstantanbul / Turkey?Abortion in hospital or abortion in clinic

In Turkey, there are only several hospitals, clinics and a few hundred physicians who perform abortions.  Turkish statistical data shows that 70% of all abortions are performed in clinics  with 30% being done in hospitals. At the same time, abortions seems to be available only in main urban cities.

 What happens after the  abortion procedure?

The patient is brought to the Recovery room to be monitored by the nurse for bleeding, cramping, vital signs (i.e. blood pressure, pulse, etc.) The nurse will provide information regarding the requirements for the recovery period, birth control, follow-up care, etc. The patient has the opportunity to have their concerns and/or questions addressed by the nurse. Once the patient has recovered and the above items have been addressed, they are discharged and can go home.

Will having an abortion affect my ability to have children in the future?

There are no statistical data that show that abortions are linked to future miscarriage or sterility. However, research shows that a woman's ability to become pregnant is not affected by a single abortion.

Is the abortion procedure painful ?

The actual procedure is completed under IV sedation. İs painless

I have had an abortion in the past. Is it dangerous to have another

Regardless of prior abortion history, 1 st trimester abortions are very low risk procedures.

How do I prepare for my abortion appointment?

Do not consume alcohol or use aspirin for at least a day before your appointment as both these things thin your blood and inhibit clotting.
 Do not use non-prescription or recreational drugs for at least two days before your appointment because these can cause serious complications in conjunction with the required medications needed for your recovery.
 Do not eat during the 4 hours previous to your appointment.
On the day of your clinic appointment, dress in a comfortable short sleeve shirt (so your blood pressure can be easily taken) and pants that do not restrict movement.

Can my spouse , partner ,  friend ,  family member stay with me throughout the whole pregnancy termination  procedure?

We encourage one person to accompany each patient to the istanbol abortion clinic.

 In case there are some issues and concerns or translation is needed, we will ensure that they accompany you into the counselling room.

Only medical personnel are allowed in the surgical treatment areas.
 A comfortable waiting area is available for your significant other until you are discharged from the recovery area.

How long will the pregnancy termination – abortion  procedure take?

The length of the actual procedure depends on the gestational week of the patient during the termination of the pregnancy. It can range from between five minutes to  ten minutes.

However, your stay at the istanbul abortion clinic will be one hour as it also includes filling out documents, an ultrasound exam and counseling concerning birth control, the abortion procedure, post-procedure medications and recovery.

 After the  abortion procedure there is also an in-clinic recovery period of 20-30 minutes or as needed.

How long will it take me to fully recover after the abortion?

The pregnancy hormones that are still in your body cause some women to experience engorgement of their breasts.
Although this is completely normal, you can remedy this by wrapping your breasts in a large bandage or towel for a few days.
Don’t touch or stimulate your nipples in any way, even by letting shower water fall on them because this could stimulate milk production.

Your normal menstrual cycle usually takes one or two months to restore itself.

However, since it is possible that you could ovulate any time after your abortion, birth control will still be required in order to prevent pregnancy.

 A condom, or secondary method of birth control is recommend for the first month only if you are using birth control pills as your primary contraception method.

Most women fully recover from the procedure within 1 to 2 weeks. In order to help prevent infection during that time, do not:

have intercourse, use tampons or cleanse yourself using a douche.
engage in strenuous exercise.

go swimming or take a bath ,showers are okay.

consume alcohol, aspirin or marijuana (which can prevent proper blood clotting)

lift anything over 10 kg.

How do I book and abortion  appointment in istanbul?

Click contact us to proceed to the appointment booking information.

Abortion Appointment Instructionsin İstanbul Turkey

To book an appointment, please have the following information available:

The first day of last menstrual period.

The type and date of pregnancy test done - i.e. urine, blood, ultrasound.

Health and medical history - malignant hyperthermia, HIV, etc.

Any prescription or over-the-counter medication presently taking.

Allergies to any medications.

Mitera Women’s Clinic:
your choice for Abortion İstanbul.
Call or Watsapp for more information:

+90 532 2619315


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